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Hotel and hospitality

Hotel e hospitality

Security in the Hotel and Hospitality Sector

Securit24 offers security services for hotel establishments to create customised security programmes that focus on guest relations, advance planning and preparation for all critical eventualities.

Securit24 has a perfect understanding of the pressure hotel managers have to manage: they aim to create a safe environment for guests and employees as well as a higher level of service quality for guests and visitors, while ensuring that resources are optimised for the pursuit of best value.

The hotel and hospitality industry faces unique security challenges that require innovative risk management solutions. Hotel security programmes must effectively protect hotel property and staff, as well as guests, visitors, suppliers and their property.

Securit24's hotel security programmes are designed to meet the needs of hotels and customers with high quality, hotel-specific security programmes. They provide professional planning, prevention and protection in consideration of security needs, business objectives of service effectiveness and accurate cost rationalisation.

Our approach to security offers a quality boost in customer service and a discreet but effective security model.

With our targeted and specialised security programmes, you can optimise your security standards to reflect and complement the level of image you want to convey to your guests and the general public, while maintaining the security presence necessary to reduce risk and liability.

Our approach to hotel security is comprehensive, focusing on threat assessment, situation analysis and proactive planning to identify and mitigate potential risks. A winning combination of people, processes and technology ensures effective and efficient security services in line with the culture of the hotel or resort.

Our Hotel Security programme, dedicated to hotels, resorts and the hospitality industry in general, offers a full range of traditional and value-added services.

  • Entrance reception
  • Access control
  • Flow management
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas
  • Guest assistance check in and check out
  • Luggage assistance and custody
  • Smoking ban control
  • Loss prevention
  • Control of warehouses, parking areas, floor patrols
  • Implementation of evacuation plans
  • Protection of facilities and internal patrols
  • Monitoring and assisting visitors and guests
  • Customer service and concierge duties
  • Valet parking
  • Room delivery service (invoices / newspapers)
  • Security monitoring command centre
  • Crisis management
  • Unusual event/emergency management
  • Incident analysis and reporting
  • Special security for on-site events/conferences

Our rigorous staff selection methods and training programmes ensure the highest levels of qualification with highly trained security operators.

Our workforce management system is supported by a web-based platform that integrates staff planning, accounting and performance analysis, enabling collaborative processes that ensure consistent, quality service management.

Our managers work closely with clients to create customised safety programmes, characterised by the best application of practices, cultural alignment and an emphasis on planning ahead and being prepared for any critical circumstances.

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