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Corporate buildings

Security Strategies in Corporate Building

Securit24 works closely with customers to create customised security programmes that focus on advance planning and preparation for all risks, effective protection and improved customer service.

At Securit24, we focus not only on the safety of people and property, but also on the quality of the service provided, making us ambassadors for a new style of high-profile service based on both tradition and innovation.

Our security programmes are tailored to the environment, which is unique to each commercial property, to provide each customer or visitor with a pleasant and safe experience. We work closely with clients to integrate the security programme into the organisational culture, with consideration and respect for the company's objectives.

In addition to protection, our aim is to help reduce overall security expenditure, identify and reduce threats, return on investment and help relieve the property from the burden of security management.

The services provided for the Corporate Building sector are as follows:

  • control and protection of access to the facility
  • flow management and control of incoming vehicles;
  • monitoring of sensitive areas with patrols and planting;
  • CCTV control and Control Room Service;
  • fire prevention and first aid;
  • garage and car park security;
  • valet parking;
  • emergency response coordination and crisis management;
  • control and monitoring of alarms and security systems;
  • security personnel for special events;
  • consultancy and research;
  • prevention of violence in the workplace;
    concierge and premiere concierge services.

Based on our experience, we are able to implement the best security strategies at any property nationwide. Our Security programme is specifically designed for Corporate Buildings. The programme provides an integrated approach to security that delivers enhanced customer service through a discreet but effective approach to reception and protection.

The training of our security officers is designed to prepare them to handle a unique role of being a customer service specialist with security duties. We train security officers to become experts in customer service, adept at identifying customer needs and ready to exceed customer expectations.

Visitor Check System
Our visitor management system standardises the handling of visitors. This computerised system does away with hand-written lists and replaces them with intuitive, user-friendly computer reports.

The system allows you to save visitor information and confirm pre-approved visitors. The system can also flag unwanted visitors or contractors who are banned from the property. Security and investigation services for the office building sector.

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