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Clubs and Entertainment

Security in the premises and entertainment sector

Safety in clubs and in the entertainment sector Security services and tidying services for clubs, for the leisure and night entertainment industry are one of the most sought after forms of security service.

There are many companies that provide these services and it is a competitive market characterized, however, very often by unlicensed players who make use of inadequately trained and experienced collaborators who can cause problems for the premises and their customers.

The strength of Securit24 consists of in-depth knowledge, management and experience that allows it to provide its customers with the security they need, in line with current regulations. All this is supported by our corporate infrastructure, by an executive management and by a work team that puts us in a position to respond professionally and ethically by providing excellent security services for any request.

To this end, we employ both professional and assertive male and female operators, with characteristics aimed at every need. Our '' at the door '' supervision and filter teams of the venue are highly qualified and are able to quickly assess critical situations ensuring discreet and targeted action in order to ensure that customers and staff are not disturbed, allowing therefore to all customers a pleasant and safe experience inside the restaurant.

If a local intends to keep the members of the security team currently operating, Securit24 can include them in its staff, provided that all members are in possession of the correct legal and administrative requirements necessary to operate in this sector.

If the operators do not comply with the requirements of the law, Securit24 organizes and supervises training courses (in charge of control services) for compliance with current legislation.

Control service employee

The professional skills of our Service Employees are:

  • preliminary checks, consisting in the summary observation of the places to check for the presence of illegal substances or prohibited objects that may endanger the safety or health of people;
  • adoption of initiatives aimed at keeping access and escape routes free: all this in relation to the proper conduct of entertainment activities;
  • entrance controls, with supervision and verification of access certificates and the minimum age, possibly required with document verification;
  • summary control of people aimed at verifying the introduction of illegal substances, objects or prohibited material;
  • controls inside the venue aimed at the regular performance of entertainment, in compliance with the rules of conduct, participation in first aid procedures, without this involving the exercise of public functions, nor the use of force or other means of coercion o exposure to risk profiles.

Security services for clubs and entertainment by Securit24. Trust our highly professional services.

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